Circles of Desire

To put this bluntly, I found myself in the unique position of writing art criticism for a work that was painted using sex toys. Art criticism often can be a stuffy and pretentious thing, so as I started out writing and designing, I wanted to humorously play into the absurdity of this task by using the aesthetics of sex-forward branding. The result was Circles of Desire, an editorial project housed in packages meant to mimic the boxes of a high-end erotic brand.

I wanted opening these packages to be a sensual experience in and of itself. To do this, I custom designed every material involved in the process. Boxes were spray painted and screen-printed internally and externally. Mirrored acrylic sheets were laser-carved and placed inside the boxes along with tissue paper and chocolates. Lastly, a Risograph printed editorial piece was designed and added to house the art criticism itself. Altogether, the boxes were produced in an edition of twenty, and were handed to participants to delight in the absurdity of the packaging, artwork in question, and experience as a whole.


Identity & Branding,
Critical Writing


Fall 2022