Fidelis Joseph Artist Book

Fidelis Joseph is an emerging painter whose practice explores both his direct and indirect experience as someone born and raised in Nigeria. Currently based in Chicago, Joseph’s work explores themes of location, as well as the broader subconscious underpinnings of the human experience and psyche. When Fidelis reached out in need of a portfolio book, I was thrilled to collaborate with him. We entered the ideation process together, and it became clear that we wanted to create a space that glorified the artist’s African and expressionist roots. I created a system of symbols pulled from the expressive marks in his paintings, and these symbols were designed in green alongside typeface selections that felt equally expressive as well as gallery professional. Lastly, the book emphasized full-bleed spreads to really maximize the movement and textures of the artist’s work. The summation of all this work led to a book that felt like an earthy, expressive art object that mirrored the energy and language of Fidelis’s artwork.


Editorial Design

courtesy of artist

Spring 2023