Habits of the Heart
Zine Design and Critical Writing
“Habits of the Heart" was a booklet I designed and wrote to analyze the artwork of a classmate, which focused on American individualism, stereotypes, cultural divisions, and oppressive forces shaping interpretations of American individuality. The written component of this booklet aimed to interpret the artwork and assess its impact, while the design aimed to reinforce the work’s theme and deliver my writing’s message in a visually appealing manner. Habits of the Heart" was the title of the artwork being analyzed. To match the artwork's theme, my idea was to create a booklet as a personal love letter, using the visual imagery of hearts and envelope packaging to further emphasize the conversation’s theme.
This not only provided a visual language but also aligned with the idea of a personal and individual object, subtly reflecting the discussions about personal experience and individuality in America that the artwork aimed to discuss. The production of these booklets involved digital pattern creation followed by Risograph printing on an airbrush gradient background. The interior spreads displayed various typeface combinations, each conforming to a standardized layout. The goal of this was to re-emphasize the artwork’s theme of individual conformation under one American system.