Jack Hamill Rebrand

Jack Hamill is a musician from Atlanta, Georgia who merges traditional classic rock with contemporary alt-rock styles. When brainstorming for this rebrand, I found myself wondering how to best represent Hamill in today’s highly produced, pop rock scene when his sound draws so much from old-school, singer/songwriter traditions. Jack’s music finds itself standing between rock’s old and its new, and visually representing this unique style was the primary focus of the musician’s rebrand. The creative solution, in the end, could be summed up in one phrase: Tom Petty meets streetwear. Drawing from vintage classic rock posters and vinyl, I combined these old-school rock aesthetics with that of Nike, Converse, and other contemporary street fashion brands. The result was a series of old-but-new vintage posters, album covers, social media posts, merch, and more.



courtesy of artist

Summer 2022