The growing presence of artificial intelligence has ignited a sense of mysticism in our discourse and understanding of it. With the emergence of programs like Dall-e, ChatGPT, and DeepDream, discussions surrounding AI have evolved from a focus on practicality to the surreal and imaginative realm. I created this "Salvador Dall-e" series of prints to reflect on this shift, showcasing critical writing of a classmate’s artwork and exploring the mystification and cultural implications of AI as well as its role in the creation of art images. My process began with the desire to capture the mystical essence of discussions surrounding AI by incorporating supernatural aesthetics in my design compositions. My inspiration came from the interactive fortune teller boxes of the late 1800s, with their psychic and paranormal connotations.
These fortune telling aesthetics resonate with the way we perceive and talk about artificial intelligence today, underscoring the surreal and mystical undertones of our conversations and assumptions on the topic. After completing the digital designs, I trimmed the posters to size and added a soft, dreamy color gradient using an airbrush. The design was then printed on top of the gradient using a Risograph machine. With 25 posters created and accompanying critical writing, these pieces served as a basis for a class discussion I facilitated, examining my classmates' work and exploring the themes of Surrealism, AI, and their relevance in today's world