Salvador “Dall-e”

Discussions around artificial intelligence are often just as fantastical as they are practical. This print, Salvador “Dall-e,” aimed to address some of these imaginative discussions as they relate to AI’s influence in fine art. In my design process, I referenced old fortune-teller machines from the early 1900’s due to their mystical and occult aesthetic. I felt that the visual languages used in these machines mirrored the paranormal feeling that many discussions around AI stir up. As I moved from designing these visuals to the actual production process, I started by airbrushing color gradients onto high-quality print paper. I then ran these posters through a Risograph machine, printing my fortune-teller design in black on top of the sprayed colors. The final result were the prints shown here, which aestheticized the supernatural nature of the discussions around AI these prints aimed to facilitate.


Poster Design,
Motion Design,
Critical Writing


Fall 2022